Tax Services

Calculate tax dynamically within your e-procurement plaftorm

Provision Connect has partnered with Avalara's AvaTax Service to calculate taxes on purchases made within the procurement platform. Clients will need an Avalara account in order to calculate tax based on location. Once the tax service has been configured, any buyer that has been marked as taxable (or sent to the system marked dynamically as taxable) will have tax calculated on the PO and subsequently the customer invoice (or receipt).

There is no need to calculate tax after a PO has been processed. The calculation is stored with the PO header level information and remains within the application to be sent to your accounting software when used in conjunction with the Accounting Connect module. We take the headache out of calculating taxes.

Tax Service Features

  • Unlimited number of transactions
  • ability to store multi-level tax data
  • Fully integrated solution
  • Uses cloud-based Avalara Avatax Service
  • send tax data to accounting software