Hosted Catalog Module

Custom catalogs added to your e-procurement offering

The Hosted Catalog Module is a Procurement Hub extension that was created for clients to create and host their own catalogs as needed on the Provision Connect e-commerce platform. An unlimited number of catalogs can be added to your solution and can be as large or small as needed to satisfy any diversity spend engagement. There is no experience necessary to create and upload catalogs, and we can help with catalog production services if needed.

The Hosted Catalog Module also acts as a buyer punchout--allowing buyers to punchout to any catalog via their ERP software. This is a huge procurement advantage in that once a catalog is published, you now become an electronic supplier of your own. Contract and market baskets can be created quickly and with little effort to accommodate any size procurement opportunity.

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Contact us for more information about how hosted catalogs can help you gain more diversity spend. Please contact Us: 713-252-5160

Hosted Catalog Features

  • Unlimited number of Catalogs
  • Unlimited number of SKUs
  • Credit Card (P-Card) and PO purchase support
  • Advanced Catalog Management Interface
  • Catalogs support advanced quoting interface
  • Can create own supplier punchout catalog
  • attractive shopping experience