Blanket PO Module

Create a spend monitoring system for your users

True Spend Control. We've created a Blanket PO Module that allows buyers to create blanket POs for users who need to know how much they can spend at any given time. Based on the configuration of the blanket PO, users can even be prevented from purchasing if the purchase exceeds the blanket PO amount. Additionally, blanket POs can be distributed across users of an account, so that a group of users can use the same blanket PO.

A blanket PO, also known as a blanket purchase order, is a procurement document that allows a buyer to make multiple purchases of goods or services from a supplier over a specified period, usually with predetermined terms and conditions.

Real-Life Example or Analogy: Imagine you are planning a series of parties throughout the year, and you want to purchase decorations, food, and drinks from the same supplier. Instead of creating separate purchase orders for each party, you decide to issue a blanket PO to the supplier, allowing you to make multiple purchases without the need for individual orders.

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Blanket PO Module

  • Unlimited blanket POs
  • Assignable to a single or group of users
  • every purchase if deducted from PO amount
  • gives purchase managers more control
  • PO reports available by user and purchase